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ot9 pool time!

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tiffany thinks she looks like detective conan

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jongin and sehun for MCM


when the maknae gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle

Taeyeon’s airport cam feat. seohyun

"The purpose of The Taetiseo is to show TTS’s album preparation and things fans may be curious about like beauty and fashion"

Top 5 Favourite Male Idols: 3. Kai (Kim Jongin)
This boy is just so beautiful. He is so passionate about what he does. He holds a clear vision and works hard to achieve it, and even though he is ambitious, he doesn’t forget to care for those around him. He has suffered all sorts of pain to get to where he is but still laughs like a child around everyone. Just for that, I think he’s very mature and has a big heart. I’m so thankful someone like him exists, and I can’t wait to see what great things life has installed for him.
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Wendy - blue hair holder